Shoulder Sweeper Earrings Collection

These opalescent signature asymmetrical earrings are long, light and captivatingly pretty. These are the stunners and head turners on any given day, as they ooze with oomph and class. Choose from vintage cocktail party glam pieces to earthier and dainty earrings. These Shoulder Sweepers have the power to sweep someone off their feet!

  • These Timeless Emerald Danglers are intricately crafted, with absolute glamour in mind. Strips of tiny little Gold caveats lead to a gorgeous big piece of Green Emeralds. Loving it already, eh?

Bottom of Form

  • These signature asymmetrical Diamond Dangers hand-crafted to perfection are everything gloss. Cajole yourself with these shoulder sweepers, so dainty and pretty that your presence will be felt in any room you enter!


  • Ethereal and long, the Esta Diamond Danglers crafted in 18K Gold is an absolute masterpiece! Long facetted Diamonds with a chic, lush fall are an epitome of why we shoulder sweepers.


  • The Eternity Diamond Danglers crafted in 18K Gold exudes confidence and playfulness. The rounded shapes denote the eternal life cycle and the diamonds metaphoric of the many shimmering milestones through life.


  • Even Diamond Danglers crafted in 18K Gold is a stunner by all means! Borrowing from mythological character, Eve, these shoulder sweepers are feminine, graceful and glamorous, everything a woman has been, is and will be forever!