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The Dal Lake

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Jaipur Gems is a fine purveyor and collector of Colored Gemstones. and Spinels are our favourite gems.

We Would like to say a lot about them, but we think we should let the experts give you all the information that you need!

did you know, most of the red stones in the royal crowns , are actually spinels…?? Yes! Mistaken for ruby, these gems are known to us far before we knew ruby or any other red gemstones.

Due to its scarcity, and sporadic availability, they never gained the popularity they deserved. In our opinion the finest spinel can beat the finest ruby hands down!

The beauty of the spinel is that along with the colour it also possesses scintillation that can be matched by that of a diamond. Yes, a diamond therefore many a times a gorgeous blue Spinel is also mistaken as a blue diamond, hows that as a reason for owning one!

We are glad to provide you with a link to the GIA guide to spinels, its a comprehensive guide to spinels and will give you all the information that you need to know.

Also below is a gallery of our products featuring spinels. Enjoy and happy shopping!

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