Middle East and its love for Jaipur Gems

The United Arab Emirates, home of the famously glamorous and rich city of Dubai, is known for its love of gold and extravagance. Emirati women adorn themselves in gold, perfume, and jewelry, and expats will quickly learn the perfect amount of gold jewelry to wear, which perfume to use based on the time of day, and how to always look their best—even if it’s just to go to the corner shop. All this preparation and experience, however, flies out the window once you attend an Emirati wedding, which truly redefines what it means to be extravagant.

The shiny yellow metal has always been central to the lives of women (and men) not only in Dubai but in the whole Middle East and Asia, where it is highly treasured as a safe haven for investment and a means of asset protection and payment rather than as just a luxury.

More than three billion people in these parts of the world prefer to accumulate wealth in gold jewellery or ingots rather than in bank deposits.

Gold jewellery also holds traditional and cultural connotations for those regions playing an essential role in weddings, dowries and gift-giving.

Unlike India, where Gold is majorly purchased on certain occasions like weddings or around festivals like Diwali, Emirati women shop for Gold at almost every possible happy occasion, case in point being Henna evenings.

For over five thousand years henna has been a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality in the middle east. Brides throughout Dubai and UAE still participate in the traditional henna party or ceremony. Henna is not only decorative but also carries good luck and fertility; it has baraka and protects against jnoun. In some areas women attend a party shortly before the wedding during which the bride’s hands and feet are painted with intricate designs of Henna.

The traditional Emirati bride is covered in Gold jewellery and ornaments on this day and her wedding day. Gold and owning Gold jewellery has been a significant part of the Middle Eastern culture for centuries. Needless to say; it holds deep economic, cultural, social, and aesthetic relevance in these nations even today.

And where there is talk of Gold, there is always the blissful presence of Indian Gold. Indian Gold jewellery is one-of-its-kind in the world and at Jaipur Gems, we make sure every piece stands true to that thought. No one piece looks like another and because of its royal lineage, Jaipur Gems and our Gold jewellery is one of the most loved brands among Emirati women.

Ms. Kumud Pal, manager, GCC & International Operations, Jaipur Gems, says, “There is a sacred love for Indian Gold, especially Jaipur Gems. This is because we have an illustrious history, distinctive pieces and our jewellery is intricately woven with traditional and royal designs.”

Kumud adds, “Emirati women love to wear Gold. It’s an ornament that’s also auspicious for their functions. I used to think Indians are crazy about Gold. But when you see the passion Emirati women have for Gold jewellery, it is something else.”

In India, of course, for many generations, Jaipur Gems has been the style icon and trendsetter. Our founding fathers in particular were regal fashionistas, with a cultured and sophisticated taste in jewellery fashion. Our founders had access to the best craftsmen, couturiers and jewellers of the world, so we carefully curated each jewel piece to perfection.  Our distinct style brings with it a regal aura that is both iconic and admirable. Our Gorgeous Gold collection is the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. We have been experts at decoding the royal bridal look over the years and keeping with the times with modern and every evolving design to suit today’s women, we bring to you some of the most magnificent Gold chokers, necklaces, bangles, jhumkas through the years.

And so, this love for regal yet contemporary jewellery can be seen in the way women in the UAE shop for Gold.

“They may want a particular choker from our Gorgeous Gold collection but they may want some things different in it. So, I usually sit with them, customize the piece according to each one’s requirement and desire. We make changes to the pieces so it becomes unique to what a particular customer has liked,” says Kumud.

Shopping for Gold in the UAE is not a breezy, walk-in, window-shopped browsing day. These women take time out, book appointments with our team at Jaipur Gems and spend their precious energy with Kumud for long hours of jewellery sittings. There is tea, refreshments and sometimes, might even turn into an afternoon brunch, if the “shopping” in that sense takes its own sweet time. It’s a sacrosanct few hours of elaborately looking through various designs from our Gorgeous Gold collection, leisurely pondering over alterations to said designs, suggesting and taking suggestions from our team, visualizing what the piece will look like once worn, trying out a few Gold necklaces or bangles from the existing collection, then arriving at a final design that will be exclusively made to order by our team.

“The absolute trust on our century-old descent and this customization is why Emirati women keep coming back to us. They love Jaipur Gems and our Gorgeous Gold collection. They love the Indian designs and its minute and magnificent intricacies. They don’t just buy Gold like the masses. These are elite customers and they make a day out of Gold shopping,” says Kumud.

The supreme loyalty and the love for Jaipur Gems’s Gorgeous Gold among the women from the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and the entire Middle East is not only because of the high price point but also because buying Gold is not just another piece of jewellery for them. It’s almost as if they were giving a tiny sliver of their heart to the jewel they are buying. Kumud and her team ensure that women in Dubai and the UAE get a thorough glimpse of the Indian mehmaan nawaazi and the warmth of the imperial treatment of India. These women place immense trust on us and believe strongly that Kumud and her team will present what’s best for each one of them, exclusively.

Jaipur Gems and its hallowed store in the UAE are strategically located yet quietly dignified allowing freedom of choice and an innate love for Gold to bloom. As long as this continues, the tradition and cult following for Jaipur Gems in the UAE will only keep growing and prospering.