Dramatic, enigmatic, timeless – read all about the new Dazzling Diamonds collection

Of all countries, India has the longest and richest history of diamonds since it was here that they were first discovered. These ancient finds immediately turned India into a country with a saturated diamond market – where maharajas and other nobles adorned themselves in the very first jewellery designs with these gemstones. The tradition of creating jewels with stunning diamonds is still very much present in India (and, of course, around the world also). This is a fact that is once again proven by the launch of Jaipur Gems extensive diamond jewellery collection which has been recently enriched with exciting new pieces.


Explore the collection through the eyes of Katerina Perez, one of the jewellery industries marquee bloggers, with great taste and style.


I hope you will enjoy reading this exciting article about our all new collection, DAZZLE. (click here to read)