It is difficult to find an Indian woman who doesn’t love gold jewellery. Our fascination for Gold

began 5,000 years ago during the Indus Valley civilization. The history of gold jewellery in India recites

the history of the country itself. Indian jewellery is the striking expression of the cultural history

and its aesthetics. Backed with literature, myths, chronicles, legends, and texts, these pieces of

evidence of tradition are unparalleled in the world.


Weddings have come of age too and so have Indian brides. From bidding goodbye

to their parents in a single shaadi ka joda (read, one wedding ensemble) to having a wedding trousseau,

Indian women have become more experimental in the last two decades. Wedding functions have

become larger, and so has wedding jewellery because, millennial brides are doing things differently.


So, who exactly is a millennial bride? Well, she's someone who belongs to the Generation Y

(Gen Y); is born between 1980s to 1990s and swears by the elevated usage of the internet.

Millennial brides are bold, unapologetic about who they are, not shy, and that's exactly what is reflected

in their choice of wedding jewellery - it's bold, a new take on classic and everything that will turn others

green with envy.


Which is why, over the years, bridal jewellery in India has undergone major evolution,

while retaining its traditional heritage and craftsmanship. Wedding jewellery worn by Indian brides

has had progressive influences like practicality and popular culture, exposure to the world via social media,

shape its new avatar. It is unique in its identity because its roots remain in cultural values,

while also being an important element of mainstream lifestyle.


The traditional jewellery market in India was never made for women in workplaces or colleges or any other

place for that matter, apart from weddings and festivals. After all, a 22K heavy gold piece,

often a necklace or a bangle, was never meant to be displayed at work. They were not even designed to suit

any day-to-day set-up. They were heavy and cumbersome in their design and make.


With an ever-evolving lifestyle, women nowadays are working in every profession and breaking glass

ceilings everywhere. And with the growing need for something fashionable, easy to wear and convenient,

they have moved on from fine jewellery to others. But shouldn’t the modern woman’s jewellery complement

her attitude too? And that too, without compromising the quality?


Traditional jewellery though comes with heritage and history, its usage has been limited. An expensive

piece kept in lockers, categories like bangles and necklaces were just worn on special occasions.

Besides wearability, traditional gold jewellery also had storage issues, cleaning issues and it lacked

design options.


Hence, we figured that it is the lighter variant of the yellow

metal that’s attracting the millennials and the new brides of the 2020 era.


Our “Gorgeous Gold” segment offers a beautiful bouquet of classy yet contemporary styles of

Gold pieces for the millennial woman.While you’re constantly on-the-go and that too, with outfits

tailor-made for all needs, we believe that your jewellery should have the same benefits.

With that in mind, we at Jaipur Gems have created light-weight, fine jewellery that wouldn’t

come in between your fast-paced life or keep you awake when you travel. With lightweight

gold earrings, neck pieces or bangle designs, it’s time to pair up with ease! And although light weight,

these are quietly dignified and uphold all the traditional values of Gold jewellery in India.