Mountain Range Gold Bangle

Mountain Range Gold Bangle

Arin Gold Choker Set

Arin Gold Choker Set

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GN-15750 + GE-15747

Traditional Gold Choker Set

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Product Details

Traditional Gold Choker set is crafted in 22kt Yellow Gold with Pearls Studded.

Product Detail
Gold Weight - 89.37 Gms.
Stone Detail
Pearls - 234 Pcs, 41.20 Cts.

Product Break Up Price

Component Net Weight (In Grams.) Rate Value Total Value
Gold 22K 89.37 ₹6,890.00 ₹615,759.30 ₹615,759.30
Gemstones Pcs Total Weight (In Carat.) Rate Value Total Value
Pearls 234 41.20 ₹1,000.00 ₹41,200.00 ₹41,200.00
Total Gemstones Value ₹41,200.00
Design and Labour Charges ₹184,727.79
Subtotal ₹841,687.09
GST (3%) ₹25,250.61
Grand Total ₹866,937.70

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Product is out of stock but can be commissioned on request.

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