Diamond is the hardest natural substance on Earth but it is still vulnerable to chipping, cracking or breakage. Also, diamonds are set in metal and due to regular usage/exposure your diamond jewellery will gather dust and film. To remove this, your diamond jewellery needs regular cleaning. Read on for our tips on protecting and caring for your diamond jewellery.
Wipe your jewellery every now and then with a clean, lint free cloth. This will keep the surface clear & clean. Soak and clean your jewellery regularly, especially if you wear it daily. Soak it overnight in a solution of warm water & mild detergent or warm water with a few drops of ammonia. Use an old toothbrush to clean. These bristles are small and will get under the diamond to remove oil and dust. Do not rub too hard, or you may scratch the metal setting.
Diamonds are delicate so avoid wearing them when doing intensive work since a hard blow to them could chip or break them. Plus the metal setting of the diamond may get similarly affected and the stone may spring loose. Remove diamond jewellery while applying lotion, oiling your hair or going for a massage. The cream/oil will settle on and under the stone, making the diamond dull, worse still, loosening it from the setting.
Always apply lotions, creams, hairspray and perfumes before wearing diamond jewellery. These contain chemicals that can damage the diamond jewellery and also make the gold dull, especially white gold.
Remove your diamond jewellery before going for a shower - yes, it can be tiresome to do this every morning but soap/shampoo can damage your diamond jewellery and a layer of film can be formed on diamonds which would dull their radiance and shine.
Remove diamond jewellery when playing contact sports - a hard impact on the diamonds can result in chipping or even breakage.
Regular cleaning of diamonds and examining them for loose settings will help you avoid losing your precious investment and both can be done by any diamond jewellery expert.


Since gold is a natural element, it is affected by harsh chemicals such as chlorine or other cleaning products. We recommend that you remove your jewellery when using chemicals to reduce daily abrasions and prolong the luster. Repeated exposure can weaken gold's structure, eventually leading to breakage. So keep your gold jewellery away from chlorinated cleaning products and out of swimming pools and jacuzzis.
Keep your gold jewellery away from creams, lotions, make-up, and perfumes. The chemicals in these products can affect the shine and lustre of your gold jewellery.
To clean gold jewellery, use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap with a softbristled brush. For tougher stains, soak it in water for 3-4 minutes before washing it under running water. After cleaning and rinsing, always dry and polish jewellery with a chamois or soft cloth to avoid scratches and bring out its shine.
Remove your gold jewellery before bathing so that it does come in contact with soap/shampoo.
If your gold jewellery has become dull, you can get it steamed and rebuffed to regain the shine. Any rhodium plating (White or Rose) does come off and while this is natural and nothing to worry about, you can get the rhodium plating done again for a nominal fee and make your jewellery as good as new.