Dijon Matching Set

Dijon Matching Set

Daisy Flower Gold Choker Set

Daisy Flower Gold Choker Set

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GN-15394 + GE-15388

Felicia Charmer Choker Set

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Product Details

Felicia Charmer Choker Set is crafted in 22kt Yellow Gold with Pearls and Red Enamel Beads Studded.

Product Detail
Gold Weight - 80.38 Gms.
Stone Detail 
Pearls - 147 Pcs, 5.88 Cts.

Product Break Up Price

Component Net Weight (In Grams.) Rate Value Total Value
Gold 22K 80.38 ₹6,690.00 ₹537,742.20 ₹537,742.20
Gemstones Pcs Total Weight (In Carat.) Rate Value Total Value
Pearls 147 5.88 ₹1,000.00 ₹5,880.00 ₹5,880.00
Total Gemstones Value ₹5,880.00
Design and Labour Charges ₹161,322.66
Subtotal ₹704,944.86
GST (3%) ₹21,148.35
Grand Total ₹726,093.21

Product Shipping Status

Product is out of stock but can be commissioned on request.

We will ship the product in 7 to 10 days after it has been manufactured.